What makes the Magic at Disney, isn't just the rides, or the food. The people Disney hires, make the Magic happen at Disney. More specifically, the employees who are onstage, directly interacting with the guests - not management.

Happy Cast Members are productive and it's much easier for them to create the Magic for guests and each other, when morale is up. The current rules are so constrictive, they've got to document every 15 minutes of their day. Really, who wants to read a report about 'resetting drop 6'? (TPS Report anyone?)

Any kind of business that relies on people to keep it a float, need employees who fill more than just a costume and a vertical place to stick a name badge, they need people who have the 'Disney spirit'. People who can think creatively, for themselves, their co-workers, the company, and it's guests.

When you are around happy people, generally speaking you become happy, right? And generally speaking, spreads like wildfire, right?

A little bit of respect and praise go a long, long way.

Management needs to realize this:

"Control is an illusion, the more control you exert over others, the less control you have over yourself."

Currently, the rules are put so heavily into place that simply taking a coffee break requires paperwork, there is no room left for happiness or carrying that 'Disney spirit' to the guests....stagnation happens and people make sure to stay 'in the rules at all costs' and the highest cost of doing that, is figuring out how to use the rules against the system, instead of figuring out small random acts of kindness to make people's days just that much better. Along with ideas to make the park a genuinely better place for all.

The focus of many companies has been taken off the long term, and focuses on the short term. Many, including the Disney company have either already fallen victim, or are starting to fall victim to that mentality.

I've ranted and raved before - and admittedly, it does nothing to make me feel better. This time I just say it like it is.

Maybe, if I wish up on a star, somebody at Disney who can make decisions will read some of our words and act upon them.