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    Nature's Wonderland...At night?

    Now I'm pretty sure that the Mine train Through Nature's Wonderland operated at night. But what I'm wondering is is how were the passengers able to see the scenes? Where they lit? If they were, how? What colored lights were used for each scene? Did Rainbow Ridge have their building lit up on the inside?

    I wondering this because I want to add lights to my NWRR model so I can do some night time running with the main scenes lit up really cool. I want to have it lit like the original attraction. Unless I can't find any references, I'll have to make it up and gather ideas for lighting. So far an idea is to have the mesas, rocks, and buttes in the living desert be lit up with an orange gel like how Big Thunder is lit at night now. Another idea is to have the forest areas like Beaver Valley and Bear Country be lit up with a blue/green gel.

    I'm mainly just curious if anybody knew how the attraction looked at night.

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    Re: Nature's Wonderland...At night?

    Really good question! I honestly have no idea, but I can't wait to find out. This should be interesting. Photos please!

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    Re: Nature's Wonderland...At night?

    Good question. I have no memory of riding the attraction at night, but I do remember the buildings in Rainbow Ridge being lit up. It was part of the magic of Frontierland after dark. I'm sure the attraction was lit in much the same way that the Jungle Cruise is today, with discreetly hidden spots here and there. Never seen a photo of it though.
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    Re: Nature's Wonderland...At night?

    My memories are hazy, but I believe that it was a combination of 'hidden' lights for background and 'spot' lighting for special features, like the cougar. I know that they did not have the mules walking the trail after dark.

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