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    Re: Perspective about DisneyLand today vs. "the past"

    No Data, we're on the same page. I was argeeing that this is not a bash DCA thread it's quite the opposite. It kinda like comparing Disneyland to an ugly duckling at first that really blossomed and hoping the same for DCA.

    That's all.
    Oh, cool. Gotcha.

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    Re: Perspective about DisneyLand today vs. "the past"

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve DeGaetano View Post
    "I love the nostalgic myself."

    --Walt Disney
    Here here!

    Someday we will look back at this time and long for these days Its hard to imagine that now, but the day will come

    We gotta enjoy the present while still paying homage to the past

    The park does look beautiful though!

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