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    Re: Watching my Disneyland Secrets DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by Opus1guy View Post
    Wow! What a great review! Makes me wish I had lived back then to have seen and experienced all that first hand.

    Oh...wait a minute. I did!

    Yep...that Disneyland Park was indeed something very special. Wish everyone could have experienced it like we did.

    And do.

    Lucky dog, Opus! I started going in 1967, but, lived in AZ, so, we didn't go as often as you did growing up. I wish I could have seen it from the start, but, I was not born until 1961, so, that would have been tough!

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    Re: Watching my Disneyland Secrets DVD

    I tried to buy this at Wal-Mart today, but to my surprise, they did not carry it! I use to buy my Disney Treasures at Wal-Mart. But today I bought it off of Amazon. Looks like I will have to wait a few more days now .

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    Re: Watching my Disneyland Secrets DVD

    Sweeeeeeet, just added this to my x-mas list!

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    Re: Watching my Disneyland Secrets DVD

    is the flyover the same one that was going around the internet a few months ago? I seem to remember the jungle cruise was also very serious.

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