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    Re: They would not let my daughter into Disneyland!

    Mommy, can we be done now?

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    Re: They would not let my daughter into Disneyland!

    Quote Originally Posted by cbkonczak
    How is protecting company assets and integrity overstepping their bounds? That is what I pay my employees to do.

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was gone for a few days.

    Protecting company assets when you do not have the authority to do so, especially when your actions run contrary to policy, is overstepping their bounds. They denied a guest or patron a benefit which they were entitled to and opened Disneyland to possible liability.

    Disneyland employees who are not trained in either loss prevention or security are prohibited from apprehending a shoplifter. Even if they witness the theft, they are not allowed to simply take matters into their own hands to protect company assets.

    My employees work for my company and are required to follow policy. They do not have the power to go outside of our written policy and make judgment calls. The purpose of written policy is to inform our employees of what is expected of them and our customers, it is not open to individual interpretation.

    I would say it was a bad judgment call when in the end, the OP is likely to receive benefit in excess of any amount lost by allowing the child into the park. How is that good business?
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    Re: They would not let my daughter into Disneyland!

    I have a good story
    This happened to my little cousin, and my aunt sent in a letter to guest relations, and they got a free ticket back

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