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    Talking Chilly Willy Disneyland Night

    Hola! Hello! Bon Jour!
    Thursday at Disneyland/Adventure Park was freezing! "Aladdin" was great! Again. The man that drives the Main Street car, a 20 year veteran, told me he's watched the show 40 times. I learned to draw "Winnie the Pooh" at the Animation center where all celebrated "Snow White's 70th birthday" (she still looks young). They had a marvelous display. I enjoyed the fruit plate and vegetable plat they sold on the street, as well as the cream-cheese stuffed pretzel my wife got me for the lovely "Christmas Parade", which my wife said looked the same as last year. My only complaint was my favorite surf band, "The Wave Riders", played 80's junk along with the Beachboy classics. All in all, another magic day at Disneyland. They've all been magic, since I first started going there on opening day, 1955.

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    Re: Chilly Willy Disneyland Night

    Holy ice cubes whamo! It was cold up here, a thousand miles north of Anaheim, as well on Thursday.

    You have a great history with DL, since opening day!

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    Re: Chilly Willy Disneyland Night

    Always new stuff huh Whamo. It has been extra chilly here at night. Glad you had a good time and feel free to post some of your old experiences. Welcome to MiceChat!


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    Re: Chilly Willy Disneyland Night

    When I went to work this morning in Irvine which is about 15 miles south of Anaheim it was 36 degrees so it was cold. Yesterday morning I want to say it was probably around 34 or 35.

    Welcome to Micechat! And just so you know us crazy Micechatters generally refer to Disneyland/Adventure Park collectively as the DLR (an acronym we use as the Disneyland Resort).

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