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    Talking I finallly got a room!!

    It's at the Paradise Peir. It's my mom's birthday next month and I decided to treat her to a weekend at Disneyland. To my huge suprise they had a room at the PP for Jan. 12-13. We've never been to either of the new hotels, so this is exciting. I paid extra money for the Them Park View. Anyways, I couodn't keep the excitement in, I had to tell someone. I will definatly have a TR up for that weekend. Speaking of a TR, I still owe you guys my Christmas TR from 3 weeks ago . . .

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    Re: I finallly got a room!!

    I am jealous of your funds (or credit card)!

    I wanted to do that for the boy's birthday but i opted for a good neighbor hotel and only one night... I am cheap! Haha.

    "I'm not funny. What I am is brave." - Lucille Ball

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    Thumbs up Re: I finallly got a room!!

    Very cool!

    I think you'll be happy there, I've stayed at Paradise Pier a couple times and always been happy. Theme Park view is great since you get to really see DCA up close 24 hours a day. Just remember they sometimes do a lot of work at night and the new section of Grand Californian is being built, so you might hear some trucks/workers at different times. For Disney nuts like us that's neat to watch though, lol.

    Also, don't forget you can cross the street in front of the hotel and cut through Grand Californian lobby to get into Downtown Disney, and then to Disneyland gates. It's much quicker than walking through ALL of Downtown Disney from the AMC movie theaters, same for the return trip to (unless you take the Monorail in or out then of course the movie theater is closer to walk behind).

    Good overview link-

    Have fun!!!
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    Re: I finallly got a room!!

    Well good on you! That is, like, totally awsome!

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    Re: I finallly got a room!!

    Take some pics of construction!

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