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    Re: New Steve Martin book includes chapter on Disneyland

    I gave this book to it dad for Christmas. I picked it up at Costco, if anyone is looking for a copy.
    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

    May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.


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    Re: New Steve Martin book includes chapter on Disneyland

    The "deleted excerpt" is very similar to those in the book. I was touched my Martin's ability to capture his own magical memories of Disneyland. This makes his appearance in the 50th anniversary show all the more endearing. The more I read of this book, the more I love Steve Martin. Furthermore, it is nice to hear someone else talk about Disneyland besides Miss Sweater-sleeves-over-a-white-blouse herself, Julie Andrews.

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    Re: New Steve Martin book includes chapter on Disneyland

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Martin
    ...a previously unknown emotion, one that was to have a curious force over me for the rest my life: the longing tug of nostalgia. [snip] I was awash with the recollection of indelible nights where the sky was blown open by fireworks and big band sounds drifted through trees strung with fairy lights. I remembered my youth, when every moment was crisply present, when heartbreak and joy replaced each other quickly, fully and without trauma. Even now when I visit Disneyland, I am steeped in melancholy, because a corporation has preserved my nostalgia impeccably. Every nail and screw is the same, and Disneyland looks as new now as it did then. The paint is fresh, and the only wear allowed is faux. In fact, only I have changed. In the dream-like world of childhood memories, so often vague and imprecise, Disneyland remains for me not only vivid in memory, but vivid in fact.
    I have very similar emotional and nostalgic connections with Disneyland, including similar things which are "vivid in memory", which I wrote briefly about on MiceChat back in 2006. A few bits from that post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Opus1guy
    Back then Disneyland seemed a really enchanting place in a much simpler way, especially at night with the twinkling lights in the trees. The Park itself was an E attraction! The rides were nice but almost just diversions. Lots of folks paid just a couple of bucks for a General Admission Ticket, and you could enjoy all the shows, parades, bands, fireworks, etc...and not go on a single ride!

    The homey simplicity of the Park back then was more reminiscent of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. A fairyland of lights and beautiful settings.

    Great memories. Every time I visit The Gardens and see that Red & White canopy and the old mirror ball spinning, I think back to those days and many family and friends now long gone. And in my own golden years I find myself thinking of them often and fondly, and of our many family outings to Disneyland.

    Occasionally still, on some wonderful Summer nights when the dry Santa Ana winds are gently blowing just right, and the Big Band music is drifting in the air, and if I don't look in the direction of Tomorrowland, I can almost imagine myself back in those days. So very little has changed in The Hub area, really. It's Magic.
    The above excerpt from:

    So...I hear you, Mr. Martin. And I do think our childhood memories of Disneyland are in fact much more vivid than other childhood memories precisely because so many parts of Disneyland have been preserved. And our many visits over the past 50+ years have contributed toward keeping these memories constantly refreshed...kept healthy and the continuing presence of the physical of the place.

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