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    Question about AP/tickets

    We are going to be taking my son to DL next month and will be purchasing a So Cal AP for him to use the remainder of the year. Normally the park is blacked out the entire month of Aug for the SO Cal AP so here is my question....which would be purchase a 1 day ticket and then use the price of it towards a So Cal AP or to purchase his AP and then pay the $30 for the black out day? Will they let you buy a regular ticket and then credit you the full cost towards a So Cal AP even if the day you were there is a normal black out day for the pass you are wishing to purchase?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Re: Question about AP/tickets

    Buy the ParkHopper... that is the best way.... You can avoid the blockout days, and take advantage of perks like Early Entry and the ESPN Zone game card, and then get full credit for the price you paid for the ParkHopper.

    One big rule, the cost of thje ParkHopper HAS to be less than the pass you want to upgrade to...

    So for an adult, it would be OK to get a 3-day ParkHopper for $139 (advance purchase). They would have to pay $10 more (the difference between the SoCal AP price and the PH.) You would want to upgrade on the last day (but don't forget that ParkHoppers have a 2 week shelf life after first use).

    Someone buying a 5-day ParkHopper at $169 could not get an SoCal AP, because the PJH has a value of more than $149, but that person could get a Deluxe AP for $40.

    Even if you are only going one day in the next month, getting a 3 day ParkHopper at least gets you the free ESPN Zone game card, and does not charge for regular shipping. Just make sure and claim the game card prior to upgrading.
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    Re: Question about AP/tickets

    The A/P is good on the day that you purchase it, even if it is normally a black-out day. At least that was the rule the last time that I purchased aa AP.

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    Re: Question about AP/tickets

    It sounds like you're going one day and upgrading to the $99 pass, am I right? If so, yeah, the pass should be good on whatever day you purchase it, but after that blockouts apply. If you're worried about the one-day rule, then just buy the one-day admission, and upgrade. But it's a little bit more trouble.

    However, if you're looking a bit "higher", I suggest using Darkbeer's idea to get the game card.

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