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The staff were working very hard in conjunction with the kitchen and were in a wonderfully festive mood, as they should be for NYE. After all, it was a NYE party at a Disneyland Resort restaurant, not a State dinner at the White House.
Yes. I've been thinking about this, and I think it's perfectly appropriate for the Staff to be in a party mood, to set the party vibe.......on New Years.

The Staff are your hosts and you look to your host/hostess to set the mood, and take your cue from them. NYE is about lively partying. And, the Staff should encourage the crowd to party

If it were a wedding, or a Mother's Day/Easter.....it would be totally different.

I went to a friend's wedding where a Staff member crossed the line, crossed a boundary (this wasn't at Disney), so it does happen....but NYE is not the same as a wedding reception or brunch.