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    Lost season pass

    I lost my season pass at Disneyland the last time I went. Does anyone think I can call up Disneyland to see if it turned up? Would it be easy or hard for me to get through to Lost and Found? And, do you think they would hold on to it or does anyone know how long stuff stays in lost in found?

    Sorry this is so drawn out... I'm just dreading paying the 20 bucks to get a new card since I'm so broke!

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    Re: Lost season pass

    Call them. Worst that could happen is they say is wasn't turned in.

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    Re: Lost season pass

    Resort Lost and Found
    (714) 817-2166

    Lost Found Place is left of the enters to DCA Gates
    By the lockers.
    if you see the DCA outside park locker the right of them you will see the window for lost and found.
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    Re: Lost season pass

    Wow, that sucks.

    Hope you find it, and just call Lost and Found! They'll understand.

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    Re: Lost season pass

    I lost my annual pass in 04 and call lost and found and no one had turned it in at that point, but a week or so later I got it in the mail! A castmember turned it in to Lost and Founda and they mailed it to me

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    Re: Lost season pass

    I'll pay the $20 if you wanna put my picture on it for me !
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    Re: Lost season pass

    I found an AP once & turned it in. I was leaving the parking structure late at night, didn't see a CM, so I took it home & called, then mailed it in. So it is possible! Good luck.

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