I would have been content to spend all of my 7 days mostly at Disneyland Park. My travel package included a voucher for priority seating for the Aladdin show at DCA.

We arrived for our vacation, the day before the anniversary.. Anniversary morning we entered DCA just before 6 a.m. We were stationed by the Grizzly Raft Ride. That looked like fun, but we never made it on that ride during our week at the Disneyland Resort.

We did see the Aladdin Show, which was very funny. We sang along to the familiar songs. I was impressed at the up to date, very funny jokes. Our 6 year old, did not get some of them, which is what is so cool about some Disney things. Adults and children alike can enjoy the show. The Aladdin show was one of the highlights of our time spent at DCA.

I was able to ride Soarin, thanks to the singles line. Having already ridden the one at WDW, I was amazed that I still lifted my feet over the trees and the water.

We lunched at Ariel's Grotto. Great food, great characters.

A little bit of magic was definitely present in Block Party Bash. I felt like a kid again. All of the positive reviews I had read, prior to my trip, were right on.

We got a good spot for the Electrical Parade. After enjoying that, I was able to hop over to Disneyland Park for the fireworks and also made it to Fantasmic. I call it my Disney Triple.

I was also able to spend some time in the animation building. I answered the questions - and I am most like "Lady" of Lady and the Tramp. I laughed with Crush and remembered his "Dude".

Our last night we were shopping at Downtown Disneyl I built a Bear at Build a Bear. I named it Dopey Dude. My 12 year old grandson likes Dopey and well Dude - (read previous paragraph). I was carrying my bear in his special cardboard house, when it hit me. How cool would it be to ride the ferris wheel at DCA at night. Now I love the ferris wheel. I rode the stationery one early in the week. (did I spell that right?) I entered DCA about the time of the parade and I saw it as I walked past it on my way to the Sun Wheel.

I approached the ferris wheel about 9:15. I deliberately waited until 9:25 before I got in the stationery line. Just about 5 minutes later you could hear the Disneyland fireworks beginning. It was about my turn to board the ferris wheel. I got on. I was alone. That was fine with me. I had my own Disney magic as I watched the fireworks, as I rode the ferris wheel. The fireworks were exploding during my entire ride. I finished watching them, when I got back up near the entrance to the fireworks.

There's a "little bit of magic" in DCA. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot, me and Dopey Dude.