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    Last time I was at the DLR, It was about mid-day and I was getting on the train at the main street station. I looked into the general area between DL and DCA. To my suprise, there was nobody in the center because the whole area was 'rope'd off'. There were several dozen CM's and suits holding a rope line from sercuity point to security point, from the giant California letters to the ticket booths, sort of a giant oval. When I came back about an hour later, everything was back to normal. I didnt here a wisper of anything and when questioning City Hall, they said they didnt know of anything. What gives?

    Sidenote: I just joined, and this particular incident happened spring break of last year. I didnt know if this happened a lot, or once.

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    mabey an important persion wanted a photo op?? (You know how they are...) sometimes they are unscedualed untill the last minute and want to be kept on the low??

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