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    FINALLY planning our trip!

    The adoption of our 10-year-old was final in October. Now that the holidays are past, we are finally able to plan our celebratory trip to Disneyland. No teenaged siblings, just her, her daddy, and me.

    So, we're looking at March or early April, hopefully sometime when it's not too crowded. Our dates are really quite flexible since we home school her. I don't want to be there during anyone's Spring Break or dance convention or cheerleader convention.

    This is not her first trip to DL - just her first trip as "our kid" and we want this trip to be all about her.
    We'll want to stay really close to the park - probably the Disneyland Hotel?? We'll do all the character stuff we can do, probably take her to LibbyLu, maybe even leave the resort and drive to American Girl Place one afternoon.

    Any suggestions on how to make this the best trip in the world for her?
    Unfortunately, she's too old to dress up - which is really sad since she's seen me make all the gowns/costumes for poohnpiglet's girls and realizes the attention they get.
    (so poohnpiglet, I love you, but we're not going to DL at the same time as you!)

    I guess it would be too much to wish for City hall to have a "Just Adopted" button

    Anyway, open for suggestions...hotel? dining options? timing? anything?

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    Re: FINALLY planning our trip!


    We went last year in April and it was a bit crowded still with the spring break crowd and all. Perhaps March would be better as far as crowds go, I'm not sure about the So-Cal weather then though.

    If it is her first trip ever, ya just gotta do the Disneyland Hotel.

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    Re: FINALLY planning our trip!

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    Re: FINALLY planning our trip!

    I would try to avoid march and April, because near the end of march is when Nor-Cal kids get out of school. So there may be some crowds. I am not sure though.
    Har har har

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