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    Question Disneyland Time For The Man And I!

    Howdy all!

    My partner and I are going to be visiting Disneyland on Feb. 3rd-4th/5th. WOO! I've missed the place!

    Anyway, the reason I'm posting is to find out if anybody knows of any AP specials going on at the hotels. I know about the typical 10% off deal, but I was wondering if the AP4 or whatever it was is still going on. I'd like to get a better deal than the normal. Any help/tips would be appreciated!



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    Re: Disneyland Time For The Man And I!

    I know Disney has some specials on the Annual Passholder website, like $139.00 for one night at Paradise Pier, i'll be taking advantage of that one the weekend of Feb 9th! Check the Annual pass site for deal.

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