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    Quote Originally Posted by Gn2Dlnd
    I dunno. Did you mean to use a or a ? I took it as a .
    I'm bad......I meant But can also be Hell, just try living in Hippyville Santa Cruz where if you aren't PC you are viewed as the enemy :devil: My favorite show is South Park so that should say alittle something about me :devil:

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAURA
    I believe its the humor in the ride and those that take it too serious are ruining the fun for others
    Exactly... Disney changing the scene is like a defendant pleading no contest.

    People twisted the original meaning of the scene into something completely unintended. As a result, millions of people will ride the ride and wonder what happened to the original scene and why. And because the scene will change, they will assume that the twisted meaning really was the intent, and not some fabrication. And they will falsely assume that the folks who built Pirates were a bunch of sick and dirty old men who find rape funny.

    Imagine if you will, editing Roger Rabbit to eliminate Donald Ducks line in the piano duel that people have distorted into a racial epithet. Clearly, that's not the real line, but if you took it out, wouldn't people assume forever that Donald really DID say it? And wouldn't you constantly watch every other Donald cartoon with caution, if you can bear to watch them at all?

    If people don't want to see pirates being pirates, the name of the ride should be a pretty good clue that they should not ride the ride.

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    I agree that some people take it too seriously or take it the wrong way and spoil the fun for the rest of us. Unfortunately, times and circumstances do change and what was once innocent and funny can be misinterpreted as malicious and cruel today. So even though I prefer the original version, I can also understand why some of the changes were made.

    Bottom line though, plain and simple, it's a fantasy ride not a history exhibit.

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    Often, PC means 'without humor'. I think there can be a balance.

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