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Thread: Its So Sweet...

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    Its So Sweet...

    Omg, i totally forgot but when i was at the park on friday my mom and I were waiting for the fireworks in front of the castle and then this guy got down on one knee and propsed to his girlfriend in the middle of the crowd she said yes and everyone cheered I was tearing up it was so sweet I love marrige proposals. Thas the 6th one I've seen at Disneyland.

    And omg you should have seen the photographers that stake out in front of the castle they were going nuts they captured every second of it in pictures. Its their lucky day cause their gonna buy those pics.
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    Re: Its So Sweet...

    That is one lucky gal! to the guy...that's they way it should be done for a Disney fan.
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    Re: Its So Sweet...

    ORDDU: Why do things like this always happen to other witches and not me?! Now, don't get me wrong--I'm very happy for the witch who just got herself hitched to a handsome hunk. But when is it going to be MY turn? Will somebody answer me THAT?! I'm a perfectly wonderful old hag who would be perfectly willing to share the life and the bed of a perfectly wonderful hunk in a perfectly wonderful hotel room for just one NIGHT--if that's as long as the honeymoon could last. Surely someone wants me, too?!

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    Re: Its So Sweet...

    Come to one of the meets and we'll hook you up with someone. He may not be much but at least he'll go to DL.

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    Re: Its So Sweet...

    Ahhh. Straight people are so cute when they flaunt it in public...
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