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    I go there by myself a lot.....I find it a cool place to go study. DOes that sound weird? haha But yeah, just go in grab an ice cream or a soda and sit down, read and then people watch. I find it to be so relaxing.

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    Planning a stag visit tomorrow afternoon. It's fun and you don't have to make plans for rides and fun with anyone else!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarajukuBoy
    ok, I'm hoping this post doesn't seem stupid. Does anyone here ever go to Disneyland by themselves? I've thought about it many times before, because sometimes nobody ever wants to go. I just think it would be awkward. (Not to mention a boring car ride for an hour.) Just curious.
    I used to go alone and most of the time when I go now I plan at least one day where I can go around by myself. You see when I go now I usually have wife in tow. Now don't get me wrong I love my wife but she has bad knees and walks with a cane which really slows me down. There are things at Disneyland that we enjoy together and there are other things that I can do by myself faster (single rider) plus I can navigate the crowds (don't you hate it when people go against the traffic :-) ) So in answer to your question yes I go alone when I can and when I can't I do try to plan alone time.

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    I was at Disneyland alone on Sunday. I went at night - and I sat down at 7:00pm for the 9:00pm showing of Fantasmic. I sat dead center - close to the front -- all by my lonesome. It wasn't exactly the most fun thing to sit alone for 2 hours -- but I made it through and had a great time watching Fantasmic. I'm not sure I'll ever do that again though.

    Oh and Sunday, while I sitting down, I glanced back to look at the Light Towers... sitting next to the tower was a lot of business suit types - I noticed someone familiar though... Captain Jack Sparrow, aka Johnny Depp! haha. I wasn't really sure it was him cuz it was just a bit aways. And then I heard cast members talking about it, so now i'm sure it was him. Apparently, he goes to Disneyland all the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disguy
    If I lived close to the Park I may go alone. Just as iSm had said, view the fireworks etc and to people watch . I like to enjoy my rides with others, especially Matterhorn :devil:

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