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    Re: Wallis to Consult with WDI on Cars Land

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterGracey View Post
    if the California theme IS dropped, then I'll be fine with the new land, as long as it matches the park's new theme.

    It's all about cohesion. If one part isn't working correctly, the rest of the product is damaged. Too many parts of DCA are already thematically broken - Cars Land shouldn't add onto that problem, it should do its part to fix that problem.

    Even if Radiator Springs is in California in the film, the fact that there is no explicit designation of its location shows that Radiator Springs still isn't going to help the California theme of the park.

    The park's attractions, lands, and other offerings should be distinctly California, whether its an idealized California, stylized California, or realistic California - it should immediately be perceived as California. The ambiguous nature of Radiator Springs' location and the name "Cars Land" cannot offer a distinct "California" impression... All it does is make people think of the animated film - not California.

    If anything, the land would be better named "Route 66" and use the Cars characters and attractions to support the theme, history, and story of California's famed car culture and the iconic Route 66.
    MG just wanted to let you know that you got a little paint on your shoes from when you stepped out of the corner. Carsland, in it's current concept form is California. They are bringing in the desert landscape in a way that Condor Flats thus far hasn't managed to do. They are highlighting California's love affair with cars with things like a drive in and fast food (developed in part because people wanted to take a ride). They may highlight the whole hot-rod era, honestly I hope they do. My only hope is that it is more realistic and less ToonTown if at all possible. Even then it brings a lot more to the table then Monsters, Little Mermaid, and Bugsland!
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    Thumbs up Re: Wallis to Consult with WDI on Cars Land

    I am so very happy they are bringing Mr. Wallis on board. Route 66 has a fantastic history in this country and in California. The film Cars did so much to bring attention to the often forgotten part of history and the "Mother Road" herself. This news is bringing joy to me and I cannot wait to see what WDI will do when they bring "Radiator Springs" to life. I am so excited! Bravo Mr. Lassetter, thank you for bringing back the "Magic" into the kingdom.

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    Re: Wallis to Consult with WDI on Cars Land

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterGracey View Post
    Fair enough - I still don't think Radiator Springs is in California, but you can believe that if you wish.

    Here's an interesting read, though, at another message board:

    One post in that thread, in particular caught my attention:

    Take that for what you will, but of course, I would think that the geography of a location is most telling of its location - and The Art of Cars explains that the geography is an amalgam of the georgraphic features found between Gallup and Arizona - so I'm willing to bet that the folk's at Pixar did not situate Radiator Springs anywhere in California.

    I think that the person that dissected the information from that book and then felt the town was a bit confused because Kingsman is nowhere near new Mexico.

    Kingsman is near the border of California and Arizona west of flagstaff.

    That would also explain some of the background scenery that is found in Needles California as well as the background that has influences from the Grand canyon.

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    Re: Wallis to Consult with WDI on Cars Land

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that the concept of the story of Radiator Springs was based on Amboy, California, one of those small towns on Route 66 that was bypassed by I 40.

    The scenery is a different story. It seems to be a mishmash of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

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