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Thread: Park Vue Inn

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    Park Vue Inn

    Has anyone stayed here lately? We usually stay at HoJos or Ramada Maingate.

    Thank You

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    Re: Park Vue Inn

    ORDDU: My sisters and I stayed there very recently--during Disneyland's 50th birthday party on July 17th. We were there for a week. Very convenient--even if the prices went way up since our last stay, which was December 2004. (They went up from $65 - $79 per night to $99 per night by this most recent visit.)

    ORGOCH: Yeah, and when ya considers the fact us cauldron gals don't make all that much--what with just havin' part time jobs at a dang broom fac'try--it weren't easy comin' up with the cash.

    ORDDU: I thought about offering my body for partial payment--

    ORGOCH: --'til she figured out she'd find herself stayin' fer free in some OTHER place--behind bars!!!

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