Hey look! I used the search and now get to revive this thread!
Ok so I finally saw the show from IASW and here are my best shots (when my camera wasn't complaining that the battery was depleted and turning itself off).

See Big Thunder projected! Amazing!

And here it is all glittery with gold sparkles (but a long exposure ruined the clarity)

And finally and pretty and sparkleful shot with I don't remember what being projected and being blurred cause night mode=long exposure=better light but blurry motion.

Good yes? Good alternative to Hub but when you see/hear the stuff going off behind you it makes you feel like you're missing out on something better (grass is always greener effect--except this time it's true). When I was there there was hardly a crowd at all...a good place to go if you're not interested in waiting 2 hrs. for THE spot or just can't hand crowds well.