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    Seekin' Adventure - and got it

    We went on PotC on Tuesday July 26th, and it shut down. We were the last boat to be filled.

    This was my younger daughter's first time. She had been looking forward to it SO BAD. So when we stopped right there in the middle of the swamp and heard announcement after announcement of restarting the ride, she was not pleased.

    Myself, I really like the part in the swamp with the frogs and crickets and fireflies and all that, so I was enjoying a chance to actually soak it all in. But the kids were not happy. The baby of course was VERY MUCH not happy. He's a shrieker and he let everyone within earshot know that this was not acceptable.

    Finally, they moved our boats far enough to where we could walk over the seats and finally escape on a walkway and out through the door by the restrooms in NOS. Carrying a baby while balancing and stepping over seats is definitely not for the weak, I can state that with authority.

    Anyone know what happened? The ride opened back up later I heard, and we rode it the next day (in the same boat, coincidentally) without any problem.
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    Re: Seekin' Adventure - and got it

    Darn pirates got loose again.
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    Re: Seekin' Adventure - and got it

    I know that was a difficult experience with kids, but my wife and I have always wanted to break down on Pirates just so we could walk out of the ride (or swim, as it were!).
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    Re: Seekin' Adventure - and got it

    Quote Originally Posted by Trader Sam
    Darn pirates got loose again.
    sorry! I'll try to control myself next time!
    please be afraid.

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