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I don't know how you couldn't hear it. The squealing is quite loud.

As for the queue damage - Space Mountain has had much of this same damage and vandalism for months now. I posted photos taken by our very own Fishbulb back in mid-December of Space Mountain's problems in a Dateline Disneyland update. Now, in late January- many of the same problems still exist.

I believe this still exists (these photos were taken back in December).

This part of the exit stairs has only gotten worse:

And the stairs themselves look worse than they did back in December, too.

I understand that wear&tear happens like this at Disneyland - especially in high-traffic attractions like Space Mountain. But its been like this for a long, long time now.

These aren't "macro-pictures" taken of areas that nobody sees - these are photos of things almost EVERYBODY passes whenever they visit this attraction. Frankly, it's bad show.

I would also like to say, the exit stairs paint has been fixed (not the stairs themselves unfortunately) and the hexagon room has been repainted as well. There are only two areas that I know of that are left looking poor in the queue.