Yesterday, my wife and I went to see a movie (Sweeney Todd) at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney and afterwards ventured into the park for a bit. We got there when they flag retreat ceremony started with the band marching up Main Street. The band proceeded into Town Square in their positions by the flag. They started playing the George M. Cohan medley and then the armed forced medley. They completed all, except for the Air Force song and then all of a sudden marched off. Now I know that this was because of the rain that was just starting, but then for the rest of the presentation, there was no playing of the National Anthem, no monolouge, just complete silence. I realize why the band left, but does anyone know why there would be no music on the speakers?? After the security guard took the flag back stage, the rain came down, but you could hear the Main Street music loop going strong. It was kind of odd!!!