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    1/29/08 Monorail meeting and more

    Just a few shots from earlier today:

    Happened upon this meeting in progress, they mentioned the revised blueprints that the man in the Disney jacket (back to us) was holding. Sounded as if there would be some sort of structural additions made to the existing rail.

    Dream Suite Media Event leftovers

    Mary Blair concept art for The Headless Horseman

    Manic work at Toy Story Mania

    Grizzly peeking - beautiful day!
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    Re: 1/29/08 Monorail meeting and more

    Nice shots thanks.

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    Re: 1/29/08 Monorail meeting and more

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing

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    Re: 1/29/08 Monorail meeting and more

    WHOA! Must own Mary Blair Headless Horseman! Anyone wanna loan me $250?
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    Re: 1/29/08 Monorail meeting and more

    Imagine that headless horseman in the dream suite... NIGHTMARES!

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    Re: 1/29/08 Monorail meeting and more

    OMG! that mountain looks like a bear! exclamation mark one one eleven.

    Great shots Aliasd!
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