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    Copyright law for images of the park?

    Can anyone direct me or tell me more about what is considered "public domain" at disneyland. I have a number of photographs and artwork depicting scenes at Disneyland. I would like to make them available to the public or sell them at art shows, but I don't want to violate copyright law and/or get a cease and desist. Thanks!

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    Re: Copyright law for images of the park?

    Good question. Obviously, you're allowed to take the shots, but whether or not you can sell them...hmmm, not sure.

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    Re: Copyright law for images of the park?

    I'm sure Steve D. could tell you, since he wrote two books on such a copyrighted subject as the Disneyland Railroad.

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    Re: Copyright law for images of the park?

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that nothing in DLR is public domain as the whole area is private property. Public domain and private property are two things that don't really go together in my mind. Also any pics that you take at places like DLR are usually for personal use only, I dont think you will find anyone that will say that its OK to sell them for money unless you have Disney's permission.

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    Re: Copyright law for images of the park?

    there's a whole, long thread about this around here somewhere...

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    Re: Copyright law for images of the park?

    You own the copyright to the images if you took the photos, there is no question in that regard. The question is the likeness of the content in the images and who controls the publicity rights to those and any trademarks.

    I would suggest two things

    1) Contacting Disney Press Relations, would probably be an easy starting point to get directed to the proper persons
    2) Contacting some of the authors of books you've seen published on Disney topics that were not published by Hyperion.

    With that info, you can determine if you need to go to the next level and consult a lawyer.

    Trademark and right to publicity are your concerns - not really copyright.
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    Re: Copyright law for images of the park?

    This is a good question to call them about. If they say it's okay, then make sure you get that in writing.
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