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    The Great Tiki presents --Flower from the park

    The Great Tiki taking a break from his Myspace duties brings you Flowers from the Disneyland. The look at some photos of flowers from the park over the last year or so. Here all the ladies.

    Here are the Great Tiki's photo sections on myspace
    Section 1

    Section 2

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    Re: The Great Tiki presents --Flower from the park

    Don't know how I managed to misread that thread title as "The Great Tiki presents --Fly over the park."

    Now look what you've done...I think I'm gonna have to cry in a corner for a while.

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    Re: The Great Tiki presents --Flower from the park

    These are beauuuuutiful photos! Thanks Great Tiki!

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    Re: The Great Tiki presents --Flower from the park

    oh wow.. the flowers are so gorgeous! DL has sooooooo many beautiful flowers, but guests hardly see that because they're so enamored with the attractions! I love that you captured the flowers so perfectly! Thanks!
    "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."
    -Walt Disney

    I thought I was holding it correctly.

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    Re: The Great Tiki presents --Flower from the park


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    Re: The Great Tiki presents --Flower from the park

    They are Purty. Thanks.
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