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    Re: Bringing outside food into the park

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorcerer's Apprentice View Post
    Ok, so "rules" state NO OUTSIDE FOOD IN THE PARK. Of course there is the picnic area.
    But I've seen people bring in food. So what's the deal? Does it depend on who checking you bags? Is it "we just are trying to curtail large numbers of people from bring food in by having a policy but not really enforcing it?

    Snacks ok? But no major banquet?

    What are your thoughts on this?

    I do bring in UnCrustable PB&J sands, Capri Sun juice for kids, I make turkey cheese, or ham cheese or tuna, 1/2 size cans or pepsi, popcorn in a Disney bucket, never had a problem. I usually stick it at the bottom of the stroller or backpack and pile jackets on top. We usually eat at that little corner behind the Matterhorn with tables and the Ducks. I see a lot of families eating there. Just don't overdo it and you'll be fine.

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    Re: Bringing outside food into the park

    I say let us bring in our snacks, sodas, waters, and sandwiches into the park. Prices are very high anyways

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    Re: Bringing outside food into the park

    We always pring in pb&j's for our girls as well as lots of snacks.We even put them in sandwich sized tupperware containers and leave them in plain site.We have had no problems with food but have been asked to drink or throw away cans and once had top throw out an already opened plastic bottle,so I had to slam a large Red Bull last time on an empty stomach.Woooooooohoooooooo and off I went!!!!Literally Glass would be their main no-no.

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