Here's a drawing I am almost finished with of an attraction like poster for my made-up area for DCA called Pacific Bay.

Instead of a pixar-ified area filled with usual disney characters, Pacific Bay would be a place that celebrates California's maritime history and its theming will immerse guests to a time when California was a major stop during the golden age of sailing vessels(around the early 20th century). It would replace the area for the currently planned Carsland and be connected to Paradise Pier lagoon. I made this all up for the WDI Imagi-nations Design Competition. I need a few team members to join me so I can finish my project and be able to qualify. This is a once in a lifetime chance to show your creative skills to the imagineers. please send me a message If you are interested, because the deadline to enter in your qualification form is in 4 DAYS! please ckeck out the competition website