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    2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    It started drizzling in late afternoon but was stiill a great day at the DLR:

    Celebrity sightings @ DLR

    A new pre-show early look at 'wall-e' hosted by Andrew Stanton is now featured in DCA's Animation Academy.
    It's a fun presentation similar to earlier versions promoting 'Meet The Robinsons' and 'Ratatouille'.
    "Dopey" has been added to the character roster for the classes to tie-in with the current 'Snow White' gallery exhibition.

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    Re: 2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    Yay for Tony!
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    Re: 2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    Ditto that. ^^

    An avalanche. I wonder if we could pull that off. I can't believe that TDA would need arm twisting to come up with a decent home for the gallery.

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    Re: 2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    Awesome pic of Tony! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: 2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    So the plaza pavillion... many CMs have told me that a restaurant is coming back to that spot. Are they true rumors or no? Anyone know?

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    Re: 2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    i'd love to "bump" into him and get some of his pixie genius dust on me. Thanks for the trip report. He's like a modern day tinkermanbell.

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    Re: 2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    Very nice picture of Tony Baxter! He seems like he'd be a very nice person to run into.

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    Re: 2/19 Tony Baxter, 'Wall-e' and walls

    Tony is a great guy to meet in the park. I got a chance to talk to him for a few minutes at the dinner before the POTC 3 premiere.

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