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    Re: Disappointed by AP hotel discount

    Do note that you are competing with up to 600,000 other AP'ers for very limited number of rooms.

    You should turn in your AP, and never visit again. That'll learn 'em.
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    Re: Disappointed by AP hotel discount

    I believe the discount code for then is AP4?
    I am probably wrong LOL

    I know the discount we're getting in April isn't much but it's something I suppose?
    The price is why we usually stay off property!
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    Re: Disappointed by AP hotel discount

    Because of a unique business situation, I just spent three nights over three weeks at the DL hotels. I have found them to be (mostly) quiet, very clean and comfortable. They have nice large patio-type doors that open for lots of fresh air, and their pools are great. They are close to some very nice restaurants and do they keep the Disney experience going. (And yeah, it's a long walk to the front gate, but the Monorail is right there.....)

    But even with discounts, it's still a LOT less cash to stay across the street. (I've been to the HoJo's - not bad at all.) It really is your own call. But if I could go only once, then I'd go all the way.
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    Re: Disappointed by AP hotel discount

    Staying at the parks is fun. I've done both, but in my opinion unless you just have money to burn its not worth it. Mickey saturation everywhere you look at a hotel only has so much value to me even when small children are involved. They get plenty just being in the area.

    Price line is the way I go now and out of using them for disney location hotels at least 7 times I've only had one so so experience and that was my fault for bidding for a 2 star hotel instead of a 3. All of the 3 star hotels in the area have a designated shuttle so getting to the park from the hotel has never taken me longer then 15 min. The most I have ever paid in the area through priceline is $50 and most the time I get great rooms for the $40-$45 range. THERES the significant discount your searching for.

    Thats $180 savings per night over the DL rate even with your AP discount and that kind of savings starts to add up fast. Over a 4 day stay that pays for your passes.

    Here are some links to bidding for travels list of recent Anaheim/Disney area hotel bids.

    Here is another link showing all the Anaheim Disney hotel on Pricelines list.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Disappointed by AP hotel discount

    imo the DLH and the PPH are over hyped. they are like any moderate hotel room with disney crap everywhere. There is no wow factor when you walk in the rooms. I would rather stay down the street at the hyatt or crowne plaza.

    I really like the GCH. It's close to everything, relaxing, beautiful and the disney stuff is very subtle.

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