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    Monorail - Night testing

    Anyone know exactly what they are doing? Are they testing the old or new monorail or what?

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    Re: Monorail - Night testing

    youll find out soon enough

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    Re: Monorail - Night testing

    Monorail Red (the new one) ran very slowly tonight. It looked like it made it around without the tractor, but then again I only saw it at Harbour Pointe. It was a pretty cool thing to see. It squeaks like crazy through, maybe from going so slow? I tried to snap a picture but I wasn't fast enough...

    The paint job looks awesome too, I bet it looks even more spectacular during the day!
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    Re: Monorail - Night testing

    Quote Originally Posted by mainstreetcm View Post
    It squeaks like crazy through
    you'd squeak like crazy also if you couldn't sleep at night when people move your house mickey and his sons go there to catch winks after the park empties out

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