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    The Woody and surf flatbed band in DCA

    Whatever happened to them, the previous years we have visited DCA they were circling around playing surfin' music. I always thought it was kinda cool. Maybe it just got old? Or is it now just another "only during busy season" attraction?

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    Re: The Woody and surf flatbed band in DCA

    Hey I have noticed this as well !!! Hmmm perhaps someone out there knows. I just assumed they "retired" since HSM does that random performance thing.

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    Re: The Woody and surf flatbed band in DCA

    From what I have hear from the band call Instant Replay that was part of the Woody and surf band that my mom and dad are friends with. Disney has stop all bands on DCA side. Cause they haven't gotten alot of people over there and the other reason is because send there going to change DCA they do not need the Woody any more. Chirstmas of last year was the final that anyone well see the woody out. Unlest we start to complean alot to Disney.

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