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    Re: just didn't grab me!

    Quote Originally Posted by JiminyCricketFan View Post
    First, the water. On a hot day, getting squerted is not big deal, but on a cool or cold day it is very bad. I would not mind bubbles or confetti but not water.
    It's already been stated that the water won't be used on cold days.
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    Re: just didn't grab me!

    One hundred times it has been stated.. oi

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    Lightbulb Re: just didn't grab me!

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFunGuy View Post
    I was able to see the first preview performance of the Pixar Play Parade (PPP) yesterday and to be honest, I was rather underwhelmed by the over all show.

    The only good thing about this parade that I enjoyed was that it was very colorful and the floats were impressive. I even thought the water effects were a nice added touch, but not sure how well it will go over with a lot of the guests. It was fun seeing ALL the Pixar characters together in one parade, but other than that, two thumbs down for me.

    My major complaint about this parade was that it lacked dancers! But given that the dancing itself was un-impressive to me, I suppose it was probably for the best. But still, it just seemed to look more like a huge parade of Pixar characters walking down the street or staged on big, colorful floats.

    I never thought I'd say this, but POD is actually better now than PPP. Which isn't saying much, because I always felt from day one that POD lacked dancers too. Perhaps I'm from the *old school* when Disney focused on LOTS of dancers (boys and girls) and made them a very integral part of the parade.

    And then there was the music of the PPP. It had a catchy tune, I suppose. But it just didn't do much for me. It either seemed too loud and/or too repetitious. And maybe that's why the dancing looked off when the few dancers they had were trying to move to the music. And I learned that Disney decided to cancel all the show stops now, so it's just going to be a moving parade from start to finish. Very sad, indeed!

    Over all, I just didn't get this parade and it didn't grab me at all. I knew Disney would have a tough time trying to out-do that parade had it all and in my opinion was far much better than PPP. Granted, the PPP was only a preview and the very first one they did, and I'm sure they'll be tweaking it some. But unless they add more dancers and change the music, it won't do anything for me. And the consensus I was hearing from those around me watching the parade too was not good.

    I'll be seeing this parade off and on, I'm sure. Just so I can give it a fair shot and see if any changes will be made. But if anyone else saw this new parade yet, I welcome your thoughts and opinions on it.
    What about the lack of original music, or at LEAST use of Disney or Disney/Pixar music . . . . ?
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    Re: just didn't grab me!

    I just want to see water effects and JackJack's fire working consistently

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    Re: just didn't grab me!

    I have to say I'm not a fan of show stops.

    Creates alot of congestion for both Cast-members and Guests alike.

    Waiting for a parade to end just to get to another land is dissappointing imo.

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    Re: just didn't grab me!

    I saw the parade from the wharf area. I thought it was cute. My whole group liked it, but we were also glad we were far from it. They sure spray a lot of water out of the floats. I guess during the summer it would be ok.

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