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    Talking Lucid Dreaming into Disneyland

    Just wondering, has anyone has placed themselves inside Disneyland with lucid dreaming?

    If so, what did you do, where did you go?

    I'm not very good at it (it's still something I'm working on), though have managed to be able to get myself there, and go on rides. I haven't been able to eat there, and there is still much of the park I can't get to... Though it's the second best thing to being there!

    If no lucid dreamers, how about any regular dreams about the park?

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    Re: Lucid Dreaming into Disneyland

    It's definitely something I've pondered. I've yet to visit the park while lucid, though I've certainly had plenty of NDs (normal dreams) that involved Disneyland.

    Actually, a lot of my Disneyland dreams involve backstage. Sometimes it's very close to reality, while other times stray quite far from it. Also, I've had a string of Haunted Mansion dreams lately, only the last of which was anything like the real ride.

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