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    Pixar Play Parade Pictures!!

    Just wanted to post this awesome pictorial of the new parade.

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    Re: Pixar Play Parade Pictures!!

    WOW! Great photos. You're right about the attention to details. Love how there's a lot of action throughout the entire parade. Lots of favorite photos, but my favorite is the puffer fish driver with his head tossed back, and a huge smile on his face. That one made me 'feel' his fun. I can't wait to see it tomorrow after work. I'll have my camera on me so hopefully they will see me and not squirt me either. I guess the CM's were told not to squirt those with cameras, as they would be getting A LOT of complaints that they ruined expensive equipment. Thanks for the Parade report. Great job.
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    Re: Pixar Play Parade Pictures!!

    Great photos! I wonder why they chose to use puppets instead of using the larger rolling nemo that they have. I hope I get a chance to see this parade when I go back in '09.

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    Re: Pixar Play Parade Pictures!!

    Those photos are marvelous. Loved the sock on the back of the one monster. I always loved Boo in the BPB parade and this looks like the same costume. I hope Jack Jack is on fire tomorrow when I go.

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    Re: Pixar Play Parade Pictures!!

    The Cast looked like they were having way too much fun with the squirt gun.

    Great pictures.

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    Re: Pixar Play Parade Pictures!!

    thanks for the pics!!! have to comment on a few things

    That sock has been on the back of that monster since the
    beginning of Block Party Bash ~ same costume as before
    (along with several others)

    Blinking Fish Eyes ~ UGGGGGH! I hated this aspect of the
    characters at WDW ~ and especially on Nemo and crew,
    as clown fish DON'T have visible eyelids!!!!!! PLUS look how
    many pictures are ruined just because the characters can
    blink their eyes! There is NO need to blink the fish eyelids!!!

    Nice to see the Bubble machines on top of the light posts.
    I would suggest cut the water completely and just do the
    Bubbles for all performances. Placing the water in the parade
    is just a BAD idea.

    Jack Jack turning into a "hot head" is definitely one of the
    highlights of the parade ~ hopefully they will be able to make
    sure this feature is functioning properly at all performances.

    Seems like acrobatics has become a standard for parade
    floats ~ and it does make the floats more interesting. And
    from what Dusty had said in another thread, they are still
    fine tuning some of the parade, and one more parade unit
    that has yet to appear.

    One suggestion for the Ratatouille float, Since they do have
    All those "super tall chefs" leading the float ~ it would make
    that section SO MUCH MORE FUN if only they would add
    short little Chef Skinner running around, chasing the rats
    as they are "playing with their food"! And then have Skinner
    say a few things about getting rid of the rats! PLEASE add
    Chef Skinner!!!!!

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    Re: Pixar Play Parade Pictures!!

    You know, it would of been awesome if they did Nemo, Marlin, & Dory like the fireflys & other bugs in the Alice in Wonderland section of the Electrical Parade. That would be so much better than the crappy Finding Nemo: The Musical style puppets!

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