Where I discuss in long form, my ideas for a future Disneyland.

Astro Orbitor, ugly entrance rocks removed. Astro Orbitor removed. Sweeping entrance very similar to the concepts of 68 Tomorrowland.
Peoplemover 2.0, same stabilized track, new pods with advanced entertainment functions on board. 3D Audio. Faster than the old one, but leisurely in comparison to defunct Rocket Rods. The track starts out the same, you pass through Star Tours, then pass through the new 'City View'(old Starcade). Then lights on the pod go out and zoom through Space Mountain. Pods move through the old Carousel of Progress building. Then moves past the train station and over the lagoon. It ends in the Buzz Lightyear building with a short tunnel showcasing old Tomorrowland Rides in model form and then a nice coasting movement to the home station beneath the 'Astro Jets'.
'Star Tours', the queue is almost the same, with some minor touch ups. New screens. R2 and C3 still cycle through the same story. The screen above queue shows multiple destinations. Second room of Star Tours changes dramatically -- you can pick one of seven lines. These bounce up down and around the new larger second room, and 6 lead to specific experiences, and the seventh is a 'Wild Card' ride. A Star Tours CM guides riders to preferred entrances. Each of the 6 vehicles now available(2 are added), has a different film(actually, all 6 have all 6 'films' different digital experiences and locations. The 4 later experiences are all live renders that can variagate. Original Deathstar, Pod Race, Episode 3 Battle, ROTJ Battle and Endor, Crossing Coruscant, StarDisney(A Mickey Mouse Variant of the Original). Tighter exit.
Star Traders much smaller, with hostesses on strings pulling merchandise from a tall thin store. Three levels up. Occupies what had been the overflow queue for Star Tours.
Buzz Lightyear: Astro Blasters. dated ride is slated for removal
'Lofty Diner' restaurant. Have to take Peoplemover or elevator(hard to find). Themed restaurant overlooks the upper square of Space Mountain, over what used to be the Magic Eye Theater. The really special dining area is across a short lift ride to a floating platform under a good size airship. It appears to float but is really on extraordinarily strong supports. Serves 'futuristic' Italian Cuisine.
'Astro Jets' gantry returns. Astro Jets sits above Peoplemover once more. Now it allows flyers to swing out over the edge of the platform, this allows 'slow down' by moving left, and 'speeding up' by moving right.
'City View' allows riders to 'travel through time' on an hovering pod, literally, a dark ride like Peter Pan, this ride allows riders to float over 3000 years of civilization as each epoch is passed over in flight. It's in the Starcade and Star Trader portions of the building. One part of the ride flies out over the promenade before swinging back in the building for the last few scenes. The models are amazingly intricate and minor hologram techniques are used to give the illusion of tiny moving citizens and vehicles at various points. It ends with a glimpse of a new 'City of Tomorrow'.
'Space Mountain' It's revamped little aside from where you wait on the outside queue. Line starts alongside the City View ride. Inside, ride isn't changed much.
'Journey's Through Inner-Space'. Now entered from the front of what used to be the Magic Eye Theater. Very similar to the old ride. It's a similar, though updated script, and a dark ride using more advanced 'pods' than the old doom buggy design. There are simulated vertical movements, and floating as you journey through the innerspace.
'Tomorrowland Terrace'. robotic elements quickly prepare each meal on either side of the restaurant-- order some good old hamburgers from a Kiosk machine, and a kind castmember quickly serves your robot readied meal. An animatronic act now takes the stage as often as a human one. 'Asimo and the Rocka-tiers' are a very good show, showing off free moving animatronics.
'MOVE' a new coaster in Tomorrowland. Boards in the old Mission to Mars, Redd Rockets Pizza Port building. Takes you at different speed as man gets faster and faster in their travels. You start by chasing a Mastodon with a tribe of primitive humans, then flash, you're following Olympic Athletes sprinting in ancient greece. Then, a brief few moments behind a Chariot Race in Rome, then on to a follow charging knights in battle on the plains of France. You flash to a scene where a schooner is flying down a wide slow river, then you're alongside a train in the Ozarks, then you're rolling behind 19th century automobile races in England, then up in the air you go, on a barnstorming run, a quick hang-glide off the California coast, then back low to the ground chasing a bullet train, then back in the air soaring high over the earth with a 747. As you descend to the ground, you're chasing a jet through the Grand Canyon, you pull up and around a rocket as it takes flight from Cape Canaveral, then blast you're arcing through Space Mountain and then banking out over and behind the Carousel of Progress Building before falling into a hole in the Autopia land. Then after some short braking maneuvers through an illusionary cloudscape you're back in station and disembark.
'Rapid Progress' a simulation ride housed inside the Carousel of Progress. Three levels housing the simulators. Different simulated vehicles with a variety of passenger volumes(1, 2, 4, 8) One passenger 'drives'. LCD determines the aggressiveness of the motion simulation. Then you go on a freewheeling tour of Disneyland under your control by air, land or water. AI prohibits collisions with buildings or people. You can see other players, conditions mimic current conditions outside the building. After 5 minutes, you're autopiloted back to the building.
'Autopia' vehicles run more quickly but computers prevent them from bumping into one another now. The old putt of the engines is still there if you want it, but it's a simulated vibration and sound. These vehicles run on Hydrogen Fuel Cells, much of it produced on Disney property.
'Finding Nemo: Submarine' ride, it's essentially the old classic ride built in the 60s with some minor updates, passengers ride around the lagoon and now follow the story of the now classic Finding Nemo story. Though, if you like, the grey subs take riders on a voyage with a different adventure store more closely related to the original ride.
'Monorails' continue, with new versions.