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    Subs Line Time this week

    I was just wondering what the average wait time for the subs for this week. Also, is there a "best", time when the line is the shortest?

    My family and I did DCA on Monday. Longest wait was about 30 minutes. We are resting and hanging out with Grandma today and then hitting DL on Wednesday! We haven't been since the subs have been reopended.


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    Re: Subs Line Time this week

    fri the 14th took about 40 minutes and sun the 16th took about 20, though monday there was a 2 hour wait!!

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    Re: Subs Line Time this week

    Depends on the crowds. By 11am last Sunday the line was posted at 75 minutes.

    As for when to ride: Early, Parade, Late - is the rule. If you can make a mad dash at opening that is the shortest line (unless early entry folks have already packed the line). Mid day sees a slight shortening of the line during the parade, and as the evening wraps up, the line gets shorter while the rest of the guest either leave the park or find spots for Fantasmic or fireworks.

    Those are my tips. I'm sure that others will have thoughts as well.
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