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    Re: An idea for the backlot

    I think it would be cool to add another major attraction into HPB (Rock n' Roller Coaster or something new).

    With Carsland taking up the parking lot south of DCA the parking trams on the east side won't be needed anymore which could allow them to build DCA out further while adding in an E-ticket attraction. Just wishes of course, but I think it'd be cool to have another major attraction in this section.
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    Re: An idea for the backlot

    The Muppets need to go. Period. They have no place in "Walt's Hollywood", as Walt and co. didn't create them and they were certainly not around in Walt's day. The Muppet purchase was one of several abominable things Michael Eisner did to cheapen the Disney brand IMO (along with those awful "cheapquels" of Disney classics). Disney should create or adapt character properties, not buy them. IMO Disney ought to spend the bucks to rip out and refurbish the Muppet theater for "Mickey's Philharmagic". It's a fantastic show that honors some of the classic Disney films, such as "Fantasia" and "Peter Pan". It deserves a place in the Backlot. Besides, as I understand it, the Muppets show doesn't bring in the customers as much as Disney thought it would. And the last time I saw it, it seemed painfully dated. Anyway, JMHO.

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