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    sometimes they do....and other times they don't

    Last night at around 9:15 the wind was still blowing kinda fast. So I turned to my cousins and said "we're leaving, the wind is blowing too fast for fireworks" then ten minutes later, I hear the fireworks going off. So I was just wondering why they sometimes put on the firework show even if the wind is blowing hard. Does wind direction have anything to do with it? How fast does the wind have to be blowing for them to cancel the show anyways? There have been times when the wind isn't even blowing as hard as it was last night, and they cancel the show. I don't understand disney sometimes

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    Re: sometimes they do....and other times they don't

    Wind direction most certainly does matter. North is the ideal wind direction as it would blow fallout away from guests for the most part. The other directions vary a bit with which is okay and not okay. At either 10 or 15 mph, i cant remember which it is, they will cancel the show no matter which direction. If by any means the show can go on, it will go on. The other day it was delayed 15 minutes, yet it still went. About one minute more and they would have had to cancel as to not go past the 10 o'clock limit.

    DFD does what they can. A prime example being new years of this year. They tried to launch some pyro, and if you were there you would know how funny it was to watch the shells fly west at an extreme speed. It was pretty amazing.

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