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    Yet Another Belated TR from FanaticFangirl

    This report is from the trip I took woth a bunch of us girls for one of our friends Birthdays. Seeing as I still have no digital camera, I resorted to my camera phone. I only have a few to share.

    3-15-08; 10am, We arrive. My mom and I had to goet our black-out tickets and then we headed inside. Our friends wanted to get lockers for there jackets. Which we ended up having to get hours later, when it got really cold and windy.

    Seeing as it was three weeks ago, I forgot what order we went on the rides.

    The first ride to break down? Space Mountain. We did have a FP, so, later we gotta go on it when it was running again. How did we know when the ride was re-opened? We ask a CM before getting on Big Thunder Mountain of course!!

    After riding BT, we headed straight for SM.

    (I'm the one giving the peace sighns, my mom is next to me, and our friends are in front of us.)

    We went on Buzz afterwards. I scored a L3 as usual. My mom even scored higher than me. She doesn't go to DL as often as I do these days.

    While we were on Nemo, we were all deciding here to eat Linner (Lunch/Dinner). We wanted to go smoewhere that was not to overly expensive and with some atmosphere. It was our friend's b-day afterall. They all turned to me; being the one that goes to DL more often than anybody in our group. I suggested we eat at The Golden Horseshue.

    This is were the trip went great, to worse. I am a Diabetic. And I was really sick. I had only time to eat a dohnut and I honestly forgot to take my insulin. We were running around with our heads cut off that morning. It was the only thing I had eaten all day until then. I ordered my food and headed upstairs. I got dizzy and I was a little light-headed from lak of food. I thought that I was on my last step. Well, I was wrong. I ended up tripping and falling side-ways, hitting my knee on the step.

    I was crowded by people trying to help me. CM's and complete strangers. Being a clutz, this certainly wasn't my first fall. I have the scars on my knees to prove it. I was more embaressed than anything. I hate having all eyes on me. As I waited for the nurse to come, people were stairing at me. I was trying to call myself down before the nurse arrived.

    She did and was real nice. She gave me an ice pack for my knee, took my blood sugar levels. It was higher than normal for me. She gave me IBprofin for the pain in my knee, got my general info and left. After I ate my meal and watched the show, I took my insulin. I did not want to forget it again and have another fall.

    We rode on the Haunted Mansion. This shot with the sun shinning, was a total accident. It's on my phone as my wallpaper.

    Because it was so windy and cold, and it had began to rain, the fireworks were cancelled. Well, okay then. It was cool oppertunity to take a night shot of the castle without people in the way.

    We went on the Matterhorn next. It was still raining then too. We rode it twice. We didn't plain on it. But a CM took us to the side and asked if we wanted to go again. We siad sure. It was just as mch fun the second time. My mom nearly peed her pants on the second run though. We all laughed the hardest then. Poor mom. She's becoming and old lady already.

    We had a FP for Indy next. We went on and the ride broke down while we were in line. Oh brother!! We got a FP for any ride in the park. We walked around for a bit and decided to head back over to see if it was up and running. It was.

    We got some coffee and hot chocolate, walked around Main Street and went to see Donuld and Steve @ the First 50 Magical Years. After that we realized how tired we all were and decided to head home. 12 hours at DL was enough for us.

    I haven't gone since, only because of this cold I still have, which got worse after this trip. As soon as I do get bettr, i'm taking the forst oppertunity to go. I think I'm starting to get Disneyland withdrawals.
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    Re: Yet Another Belated TR from FanaticFangirl

    Disneyland withdrawals... I get those too.

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    Re: Yet Another Belated TR from FanaticFangirl

    Too bad about the fireworks. Still a nice TR though!
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