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    Re: Monte Cristo Craving

    Ok, now I'm salivating at the thought of this. Thanks for all the info on other places to get them. My mom is extremely picky (and gets prickly if you remind of the beggars and the choosers) and the only place besides BB where she ever liked the Monte Cristo was Pea Soup Anderson's in Santa Nella. Talked about pissed off when she found out that they don't serve it anymore. But she's willing to go off her diet for a BB Monte Cristo and I'm really looking forward to getting it for her. Thanks again all! Especially if AP2CM gets that recipe.
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    Re: Monte Cristo Craving

    Does anyone know where Disneyland sells Monte Crisco's besides the BB?
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    Re: Monte Cristo Craving

    The only palce is Blue Bayu right now...

    (I want one.... been a month since my last... and Ad a Dole wip cause I have yet to get one...)

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