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    Random questions/thoughts about D/L

    I just had some comments and questions I thought I'd post and see what people think about

    1) Was pirates plussed recently? (I went on a trip recently and really felt the air cannons hit me in the face multiple times and the cannon water shots seemed a lot higher)

    2) Is Soarin's single rider line the slowest moving SR line within the realm of all of D/L? (It seems they don't want to load anyone unless its exactly 1 person, but depending on CMs the load speed really varies)

    3) Do you like the PPP? I liked it, but many of the effects were gone, very little water and JackJack fire wasn't working =(

    4) Is there a strategy or area to get back to Fantasyland after the fireworks? (Do they open it up in sections? 1) Alice & Mad Hatter area----> 2)Peter Pan area ---> 3) Castle)

    Thanks for reading =D

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    Re: Random questions/thoughts about D/L

    1) Yes, when the added Jack Sparrow et al. into the ride they also plussed the lights, av systems as well as the air cannons and water effects.

    2 & 3) Not sure, never participated in either (yet)

    4) Once the all clear is given by the fire department after the fireworks show (10-15 minutes after last shell), they drop the ropes blocking the castle courtyard and let people into the rides. If you watch the fireworks from near Storybook Land you can get to the rope quickly and be there when it drops. We do this routinely and can get on all 4 Fantasyland dark rides in no longer than a 2 minute wait. It is a great strategy.

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