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    Disneyland Field Trip

    Tomorrow (April 9) my sister's Kindergarten and First Grade class will be taking their annual trip to Disneyland. Even though most of the kids have been the park before none of them really understand it. So today we went on a virtual tour of the park and explained to them about the theme of each land and why Walt built it in the first place. We made sure that they beleive that everything in the park is "real" that there are 999 ghosts inside the mansion, you can really go to space in a rocket and so on. So I feel they are better prepared to experience the park now that they are a little wiser. The kids have also been learning the Disneyland dedication for their weekly poem. Here is a video from our trip last year

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    Re: Disneyland Field Trip

    Very cute! It's alwasy so neat to see kids and adults having a great time at the parks.

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    Re: Disneyland Field Trip

    That is so cute! What a neat idea to teach the kids the true meaning of Disneyland.

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