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    Immersion into the magic

    How would you suggest Disney make the parks seem more real? Not real as in taking the fantasy out of Fantasyland, but to add to the fantasy.

    My question has been inspired from a few things lately.
    - "Bad show" which has been brought up by many people in different threads and for different reasons.
    - CMs carrying personal bags through the park with a potential solution.
    Potential Solution
    Perhaps a suggestion should be put in the "suggestion box" that CMs who must walk "onstage" with their personal possessions while in costume should be provided with an appropriately themed bag to hide their modern stuff.
    -Watching some imagineering DVDs

    I want more of, character CMs like I see in all of the old videos of the park. These are the ones who would live in their respective lands and bring it to life. These do not have to be characters from movies or attractions, just characters to make it not seem like a ghost town or museum. It would be awesome to see people just wandering around in costume like it was a normal day to them in their respective land. They did this with the pirates in NOS and TSI and I totally loved it. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to be able to do this with the other lands. Just a little thing to add to this, I saw Mickey and Minnie in a boat in the moat of the castle and thought this would be great to see happening. Now, I know they can't do this normally, the moat is too small and there's no where to push off really without creating a big scene, but stuff like this would be great. Maybe have a small boat that the pirates could ride around on the Rivers of America with.

    Also another thing that I would love is something other than just Disney merch. I want to be able to buy shrunken heads in Adventureland and be able to still smell the salts of the sweat. I want to be able to know that the imported Arabian purple bananas just came in this morning. Sorry that I'm using Adventureland references, it's just my fav land. Anyway, I want to have something more than just mass produced merch with Mickey that has a crown on it for Fantasyland or a cowboy outfit for Frontierland. I want to see something more along the lines of what you would see if you were to actually travel to the lands and not just go to the gift shops there.
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    Re: Immersion into the magic

    I agree absolutely. These are some of the sorts of things that can really make Disneyland tower over the competition even more than it already does. Thematic integrity--making it readily apparent that you're not just trying to grab the guests' money--makes a huge difference in the park.

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