Personally, I love Fastpass. I think it was a great idea and the system works well. Granted, there are some people who know the system better than others, and some people who don't know how to use it at all. But for me, it allows me to get to ride not only the major attractions, but the smaller ones. I grab fastpasses early in the day, then ride the non fastpass attractions earliest. It allows me to spend more time enjoying the atmosphere of Disneyland and enjoy a sit down meal rather than stand in lines all day. And there's only, what, seven attractions that offer fastpass?

The fact that there are wonderfully themed queue lines for Indy and Roger Rabbit does not make a good argument to get rid of the whole fastpass system. If you want to enjoy the queues, just walk slower, let other people pass you in line. Not everyone wants to enjoy the line, and that's fine. If you got there when the park opened and went first, you wouldn't see the queue either.

As far as distribution goes, while it's true that late arrivals might not be able to get any fastpasses for particular attractions or have a long wait until their return window, have you ever heard the saying "The early bird gets the worm?" It's like anything else where there are limited quantities, you have to get there early to get them. If you show up at Ticketmaster at 5 PM and concert tickets went on sale at 10 AM, you're not going to get front row seats and you may find the concert is sold out. In this situation, Disney is not saying that you can't ride the attraction. You just have to wait in the standby line. With or without fastpass, the lines would be long if you arrive late. I don't understand the desire to abolish the whole system because people don't want to get there at 8 AM when it opens.