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    RU42 Double Trip Report – 8/9 and 8/11

    Wow, summer hit and my life went beyond crazy. Tell you had bad it has been, the last time (before this week) I was at the Park was 6/28. I wont bore you with the details.

    But, this week was a bit different and I had to get to the Park. Both Tuesday and Thursday were evening jaunts for me. Tue I got there just after the PoD and Thursday was just before PoD.

    The Park is still very busy. The nice part about the evening trip is the fact the temperature was very nice. Both nights cooled off well. The crowds were there but I did not find it overwhelming.

    My task Tuesday was to watch RDCT from It’s A Small World. I wanted to catch the new projections on the building. And I must say, I think they did a very nice job. Nothing can take the place of a Castle view but having this second outlet is great.

    And, if you know me, I viewed it with video cam in hand (both Tue and Thurs). And there is a NEW VIDEO available on Visions Fantastic. (Click the banner in my signature for a link.)

    I also got to ride Space Mtn Tuesday for the first time in years. I wished they did more to the queue but oh well. The ride was great. It is very nice to have the ride back.

    Thursday I was at the Park to play with my new toy, a very nice tripod. I wanted to try some nice night pictures. Here is a couple of them…


    And there are a whole lot more by clicking on this sentence.

    And do you want to see some of the best shots. Well, I turned them into Wall Papers as well. You can view them by clicking on this sentence.

    Thursday had another task and that was to capture a clean audio of the Parade of Dreams. I found a very nice spot in Main Street circle. I was standing on the circle facing the hat store; right where the circle begins. There is a speaker there and I set my camera up pointing towards the speaker. I got lots of strange stares. But that doesn’t matter, I got some good audio to complete my video.

    Speaking on positions, Remember from IaSW a great spot is in the 2 tier area, the very last section of the lower of the 2 levels. There is a railing that is about 2 feet wide. Great spot.

    Well, that is all for now. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video.


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    Re: RU42 Double Trip Report – 8/9 and 8/11

    Very nice video, RU. Interesting to see what they've done at It's a Small World. The hub would still be a first priority to see it from, but certainly on another evening, IASW would be a different kind of visual. Thanks for making it available.
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    Re: RU42 Double Trip Report – 8/9 and 8/11

    Wait till you see my next photo update! I swear we took about 1/2 the same shots the same week! I'm looking at yours with my mouth open because I can't believe we both took shots of the monorail neon sign and the Leaning Tower of Pisa at IASW on the same day!!! Dude! You could at least have let me know when you were going and we could shot audio and video together!

    My photo update is going to look awfully redundant! That's just funny crazy!

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