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    April 19th mini trip report

    Arrived around 7:00pm and Disneyland was packed. Was there another cheerleader thing going on because there were a lot of them running around? When it came time for the fireworks it was pretty windy. Fireworks went off as normal but came to an abrupt halt right after the Star Wars finish. The spiel of, "Due to winds of higher elevation we cannot continue the show" Never experienced that before, especially so close to the ending. Left the park around 10ish when the DCA crowd started coming over. Talk about a alot of people entering Disneyland at that time. The 19th must not have been a blackout date for a lot of A.Pers. Only rides we rode were Peter Pan 50 min. wait and the train. 5 min wait.

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    Re: April 19th mini trip report

    It was so crowded yesterday. We spent 30mins just to get into the parking lot. What a busy weekend this turned out to be.

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    Re: April 19th mini trip report

    Tell me about it.
    Space mountain was 75 minutes! I was there from noon to 10:30 all the rides had long waits. Pirates had a line of 30 minutes. I was surprised to see Nemo with a shorter line though. It was a 45 minutes line.
    I heard there was an event in the convention center so many people came to Disneyland.

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    Re: April 19th mini trip report

    Thats why i always go on Sundays. My AP doesn't permit me to go on Saturdays but if it did, I'd pass. One time last year we went on a Sunday and there was a Cheerleading Competition which always makes the parks and parking lots ten times more crowded.

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    Re: April 19th mini trip report

    sounds like a very busy park. I wonder if it's like that today as well.

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