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    The park, 2/16/2005

    Well, the tarp has finally come down on the Emporium. Which is a very good thing.

    Meanwhile, Tomorrowland is swathed with tarps, covering Buzz up past the Premier shop on oneside, and on the other covering Star Tours to Star TRader. And then, the Innoventions building is now largely covered in tarp.
    At least the area music was blasting pretty loud, which was a plus.

    Also film crews were present for the filming of one of the Happiest Celebration on Earth's promos.

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    actually, the film crews were there to get interview and stock footage for the up-and-coming DLR 50th vacation planning DVD!
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    Was raining down there today?
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    pictures anyone on the progress??? I am really curious...probably just like everyone out there...what colors will it be...i am all for a Silver, BLue, Gold paint job...

    I loved when the entreance spires on Circlevision and star tours buildings were silver...

    I am excited...i just hope they do get rid of the should only be left as a minor color...silver should long as they get rid of the dominant gold from TL 98...I will be a happy man...
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