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Thread: Filming Today?

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    Filming Today?

    Today, my boy and I were walking by the hub when we saw a bunch of filming equipment. There were some teenage girls hanging around, and we realized that we were looking at Nick Lachey (formerly of 98 degrees / Jessica Simpson fame) as he was getting ready to film. The cameras were pointed so that the castle was in the background, and Nick walked in front and began to "host" or whatever you would call it. He was wearing a body mic, so he wasn't really talking loud and we couldn't hear what he was saying, but I did hear the words "High School Musical" come out of his mouth. That got me intrigued, so now that I'm home, I gave him a google, and found this! It's only a day old:


    Anyone else see more than me? We didn't stick around because I could care less about Nick, and I think he's a bit washed up, but I'm a little bit intrigued since I didn't hear anything about this beforehand, and I wonder why they would want to film something like this at Disneyland, since the park is not directly related to High School Musical at all.
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    Re: Filming Today?

    wow jessica simpsons and nice lachey. I wonder how long will it take for them to get back together?

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    Re: Filming Today?


    Former singer Nick Lachey is set to host ABC/Disney's High School Musical: Summer Session.
    Summer Session is a talent show based on the hit HSM franchise.
    It premieres June 20th.
    This is Nick's first 'regular' reality gig since Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.
    Was Drew not available?
    Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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    Re: Filming Today?

    They're probably connecting this to the (2nd) Year of a Million Dreams...

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